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Item Number: 543

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Meissen group of a lady and Moor modelled by Paul Scheurich. The lady surprised by the amorous attention of the Moor kneeling at her side. This model was first manufactured in 1919 when only three examples were produced. One was for Nora Meyer Cohn, the daughter of a Berlin banker, who was the inspiration for the lady. One was exhibited in the Meissen Museum and the third was kept by Paul Scheurich. As with the model of the lady and Moor child ( web site no 291) it was either decorated in polychrome or orange and gold. It was not until 1928 that the first model was sold commercially. During the preceding years Paul Scheurich's health had suffered and his output had been limited. Between 1928 and 1933 only twenty one examples were produced for sale.

An example is illustrated pages 40-43 Meissener Manuskripte VIII by Johannes Raphael, published by the Staatliche Porzellan Manufakture Meissen.

Height in cms: 26.50
Height in inches: 10.43
Model Number: A 1179
Mark Info: Crossed swords in under glaze blue on back of base. Scheurich inscribed on back of base. Model number A 1179 incised on base. Assembler's number 42 impressed. Painter's number 27 in brown.
Circa: 1930
Price Band: 5,000 - 10,000
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