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Description: Meissen group of the two court jesters to Augustus III, Frölich and Schmiedel. Frölich is dressed in his usual Tyrolean costume and Schmiedel in the uniform of a Saxon postmaster. Schmiedel was well know for his aversion to mice and he is seen in this group recoiling from the mouse in Fröhlich's hand. This group was first modelled by J.J.Kaendler in 1741. There are a number slightly different variations of this group. In one Fröhlich is holding a mouse trap in his hand.
Height in cms: 23.50
Height in inches: 9.25
Model Number: 200
Mark Info: Crossed swords in blue on un-glazed base. Incised model number 200. Impressed assembler's number 76.
Circa: 1850
Price Band: 2,000 - 5,000