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Description: Meissen monkey first produced in 1928 by Paul Walther using the 'red stoneware' first discovered by Böttger around 1710. The use of the 'red stoneware' was stopped c.1728 and it was not until about 1920 when the chemist Funk refined the earlier composition. It was known as Böttger Steinzeug and used mainly for figurines, medals and coins. The pieces were not  glazed which allowed for a finer detailing of the modelling and as with the early pieces certain areas would be highly polished as can be seen in this model of a monkey.
Height in cms: 28.70
Height in inches: 11.30
Model Number: L 245
Mark Info: Impressed crossed swords and dot. Incised model number L 245. Impressed assembler's number 62. Impressed Böttger Steinzeug. Impressed monogram PW for Paul Walther
Circa: 1928
Price Band: £2,000 - £5,000