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Description: Meissen figure of Diana the huntress. Diana is seated on a grassy mound with a quiver of arrows at her side. This model was nearly always produced in the white which allows the modelling to create a wonderful effect of light and shade. Ocassionally the model was produced with a little gold outline around the base area. This model was first created by Paul Scheurich in 1920. Scheurich is considered as one of the most important modellers to work for Meissen. On a par with J.J.Kaendler. The Meissen archive shows that between 1945 and 1952 only 100 models were produced.
Height in cms: 31.00
Height in inches: 12.20
Model Number: A 1046
Mark Info: Impressed crossed swords and Weiss on base. Crossed swords in underglaze blue on grassy mound.
Circa: 1949
Price Band: 2,000 - 5,000